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One of the Largest Warehousing and Sourcing Company

Since the start of Dealwao in 2017, the total number of suppliers’ products now exceeds 1,000. The main businesses are Americas, Southeast Asia, and China. They are divided by product line and include six categories: seasonal goods, outdoor, hardware cars, household goods, stationery and furniture , Small appliances and lighting products.

The main customers of Dealwao’s trade business are in Europe and the United States. We provide customized services to cultivate customers, such as estimating the sales volume through data; or responsible for specific commodities in important annual schedules: layout, packaging design; and establishing an information platform to link the buyer’s inventory management system. Real-time access to data; even the return and exchange of goods after sales, we can handle it for customers and become the trading partner that provides the highest added value!

As for imports, it is mainly the rapid growth of emerging markets in Asia and the expansion of domestic consumption in China. In the past, the mode of shipments from Asia and sales to Europe and the United States will reverse. Teli has long been deeply involved in European and American customers, and has now launched cooperation plans with some well-known manufacturers. In the future, if more European and American products are ready to enter mainland China, Teli will undoubtedly be the best bridge for these brands to enter Asia.

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